Feeling Thankful

Posted on: November 26, 2013

WOW! Time is flying by.  With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I can’t help but reflect on what I have in my day to day that makes me grateful.

I know a lot of people have  been doing the 28 days of grateful thing on FB and I enjoy reading my friends share the things they cherish from day to day.  Committing to a day to day journal of what I am grateful for just isn’t something I think I could accomplish in my busy schedule but I CAN take a moment to reflect on what I have in my life that makes me smile.

Family. First and foremost, my family makes me so filled with joy and love that I feel like I can burst at the seams.  My crazy, fun-loving family may drive me crazy from time to time, like most, but at the end of the day they are mine and I am in love.  I am so so excited to spend time with them tomorrow for Thanksgiving.  Everyone around the table sharing stories and making new ones as the day goes on.  Thanks family!

Work.  Oh of course I have to mention good ole’ Don Joseph Toyota/Scion.  Not only does work provide me a livelihood to care for my family, but it provides me with so much more.  My OTHER FAMILY.  There is the family you’re born into, the family you create, and then the family that you see almost every day of the week.  My work family is so amazing that I often feel like they are my brothers and sisters.  I am so happy the group of people I work with are so kind and hardworking.  We are having a Christmas party next month, and I cannot wait to share a night of fun with everyone! Thanks work!

Friends. Now I can write on and on about my lovable, wild, loyal, and down right amazing friends (you know who you are).  I will keep it brief so as not to embarrass them with ridiculous stories of our fun times.  My life can get crazy, my work can get crazy, but my friends are the ones who are ALWAYS there.  I feel so honored to have earned the friendships I have with some close few.  They are the back bone in me when I need someone to push me, they are the shoulder I cry on when times are too hard, and they are the champagne glass when I’m ready to let loose.  My friends, I thank you.

Customers.  I want to end by being grateful to our customers.  I am so thankful for all the years our customers have been loyal to our store.  We are nearing our 50th anniversary and it wouldn’t be possible without our customers.  We have all walks of life coming through our doors and that couldn’t make me happier.  Don Joseph Toyota/Scion has been around for awhile and each day we get people who have never been here  before and people who are buying their 5th vehicle with us.  It’s amazing to me that our customer loyalty is so high.  Well maybe not amazing but humbling.  We work hard every day to keep you coming back to the store.  So THANK YOU!  Thank you for recognizing our hard work and continuing to support our family business.  It means the world to me.  I am so thankful.  Customer reviews on Google are so awesome to read.  Check them out!  Google Reviews

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.  Don’t get trampled on Black Friday.  If you are in the market Toyota has announced their Black Friday Specials!


– Jess