Who run the World? GIRLS!

Posted on: September 5, 2013

You’re right Beyonce, us girls do run the World.  I think just like Beyonce, it was about time we let people know it too!

Earlier this week, the Record Courier was here interviewing me and Karen (my co-worker) about women working in the male-dominated car business.  I was so pleased to discuss this with their writer because I have a great team of women working here at the store, and I think it’s important to spread that word!

The interviewer went over several questions about me and my history at the store, which if you have read my blogs or know anything about me, you’ll know, I’ve been in the business a long time!  He asked me questions about the hurdles as a female I go through and my female co-workers go through.  It was fun to talk about how, although sometimes with kickback, us gals have made a very strong stance: we are here and we are ready to work hard! Check out my team of females at the store:

from l to r: Maggie, Jen, Brittany, Jess, Dana, Marilyn, Karen (Rachel: not pictured)

Without giving the entire article away, I just think it’s important to note that each of the ladies pictured above are in important roles at the dealership. I have a finance team solely made up of women. I have a sales person, Marilyn who is consistently at the top of the selling board. I have a female in service ready to assist customers with vehicle needs. I have an internet sales person who handles each customer as they inquire online. And I have an internet and website guru who monitors and controls all things web related! I didn’t do this on purpose, but I must say it has worked out really well for the store. These females are strong, smart, and cunning. I am lucky to have them working side by side with me on a daily basis. I don’t want to give any more spoilers away because I think you all should read the article once it prints, either in this Sunday or next Sunday’s Courier! Sooo Excited!

In other news, we have decided to extend the contest for the Scion xB design. We are expanding our search for artists to the Cleveland/Akron area as well. So if you know someone who likes to design, let them know they have a chance to win $500 dollars and have their art displayed on our shuttle!

We also just cut a new radio commercial Thursday. I hope it is received just as warmly as our last spot! Keep your ears open kids!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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